Established in 2004, GEC Services is a commercial cleaning and property management company dedicated to providing superior value for money for all our clients. 

The business all started with me doing all the work myself. I began building the business by doing purely janitorial work for commercial companies. As word got out of the quality service provided by Greene's Executive Cleaning (GEC Services), more and more clients came to us for their commercial cleaning needs. Soon, I had a team working with me and we started doing cleanouts and rentals, as well as selling rental homes.

Today, close to two decades since GEC Services' humble beginnings, we continue to stay true to our commitment to quality service and superior value for our clients' investment.

We now offer commercial floor restoration, property management, and building maintenance services on top of our sought-after janitorial cleaning services. Our clients know what to expect whenever they come to us for their cleaning, property maintenance, and other related needs. This is why more than the quality service and amazing results we deliver, our services are in high demand because we bring our clients the peace of mind they deserve.
"You gave my life a big lift when I saw the work you completed in my Office building. I was very lucky to find honest hardworking people like you to clean my building."

- Brian